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April 23, 2020 06:14
‘US was attacked’: President Donald Trump on Covid-19 outbreak

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While the number of covid-19 cases is on a constant rise in the US with more reported deaths, US President Donald Trump believes that the country was attacked. The statement was issued after he failed to restore normalcy back in the country.

"We were attacked. This was an attack. This wasn't just the flu by the way. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, 1917 was the last time," Donald Trump said to the reporters in the press briefing.

Trump resorted to this statement when he was answering a question about the growing US national debt following the sanction of the multi-trillion dollars stimulus package that was sanctioned by the administration. This was sanctioned to help the citizens and the businesses cope with the losses during the pandemic.

Trump said that they have no choice but this saying that he is always concerned about everything and is consistently finding ways to fix the problem. He further said that US is the biggest economy of the country, bigger than China or any other country in the world.

"We built it in the last three years and then one day, they came and they said you have to close it. Now, we're going to open it again and we're going to be just as strong or stronger but you have to spend some money to get it back open," Trump resorted to saying.

Trump said that they have saved their airlines and numerous other companies. While these same companies had been doing the best just a few days back, things have taken a complete turn for the worse and all of a sudden, everything is shut down.

The US President did say that the number of confirmed cases in the US have started to decline.

Hailing better responses on the situation, Trump said that the coronavirus hotspots around the country are gradually stabilising. Every single one of them is going in the right direction and is healing. Cases in Boston area are now reducing with every single day. Both Chicago and Detroit have been seeing a decline in the number of cases and have crossed their peak.

"These trends demonstrate that our aggressive strategy to battle the virus is working and that more states will soon be in a position to gradually and safely reopen. That's very exciting," Trump believes.

Trump also assured that his administration is consistently working with the governors of the country to ensure that the testing infrastructure is at its best. They have also worked out and talked about the impacts on the low income Americans and the aid they would need.

Trump has asserted that he is not going to sit down until this crisis is averted and the prosperity of the country has been restored. He believes that the numbers are going to get worse before they get better.

"A lot of very smart people are looking at that and they're betting. You just have to look at what's going on with the stock market,” Trump further added.

The federal government has already directed over $7 billion to fight this pandemic. This includes support for the treatment, diagnostics and the therapies.

Both FDA and NIH are working on mass clinical trials to ensure faster development of vaccines and promising drugs that can help keep this crisis in control.

US currently has over 840,000 confirmed cases with over 47,000 reported deaths.

By Somapika Dutta

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