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April 20, 2020 07:47
PM Narendra Modi shares 5 ideas on covid-19’s impact on redefining businesses

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If you have a LinkedIn account, it is likely that you have already got a notification about the post that PM Narendra Modi made. The post highlighted the impacts on the work and lifestyle of people amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

PM Modi took to twitter to further share the link to the post writing, “As the world battles COVID-19, India's energetic and innovative youth can show the way in ensuring healthier and prosperous future. Shared a few thoughts on @LinkedIn which would interest youngsters and professionals.”

Prime Minister motivated saying that the young Indians are known for their innovative zeal and are the ones who can take the lead in providing with a new work culture for the country.

“I envision this new business and work culture being redefined on the following vowels,” said PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi compared them to the vowels of the English language which might seem non-quintessential or a support but can later prove to be the essential ingredients to any business model in this time of crisis.

He highlight five different ideologies that we are going to share.


The first and the foremost factor or the need of the hour as PM Modi has states is to think of businesses and lifestyle models that are easily adaptable. Doing this will ensure smooth running of the businesses even during the time of crisis ensuring that the loss of life doesn’t occur in this case.

One of the primary examples of adaptability that PM Modi shared was digital payments. He advised the shop owners to invest in digital payment options to keep their business running. India is gradually witnessing a surge in the digital transactions.

Telemedicine is yet another example that PM Modi shared. He asked the youth to come up with more ideas that propagate this idea further.


Next up on the ideas was efficiency and the kind of thoughts we have when we are talking about efficiency in our work. He said that it is time people stop counting efficiency as the amount of time spent at work.

It is time to come up with productivity models in which efficiency matters more than that of the time or the appearance of the effort. The emphasis should be on completing of a task within a given time slot.


Next up on the agenda is to come up with business models that provide support to the poor, who are the most vulnerable in our country. The entire world is now understanding the magnificence of the Mother Nature suggesting how quickly nature can heal itself without human intervention.

Modi asked people to come up with better ideas and technologies that can further help reduce human impacts on the nature.

Covid-19 has taught people to work more on the health solutions and make them for a more affordable price and make them at a large scale. He urged the Indians to be the guiding light that the entire world draws inspiration from.

It is time to make investments in innovations that would help farmers have better access to machinery, information and markets irrespective of the situation.


The penultimate advice the PM Modi gave was on opportunity. He highlighted that every situation of crisis brings in an opportunity for the people and the situation of Covid-19 is no different.

It is time to sit down and evaluate better ways to find new opportunities for growth and work on the specific areas that can bring them along.

Instead of following leads, India needs to be ahead of the curve post the pandemic recovery.


Last but not the least in the ideologies penned down by PM Modi talked about Universalism. He said that since the novel coronavirus doesn’t differentiate on the basis of caste, race, religion, creed, or language, it is important that response to it should be unified.

These were some of the highlighted ideologies that PM Narendra Modi shared in his post via LinkedIn focusing on the subjects of the business models, lifestyle and the ongoing crisis of the pandemic.

By Somapika Dutta

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