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    Apple Watch sale to exceed availability at launch 2015-04-10 09:29:23

    Consumers in Australia flocked to Apple Inc's store in Sydney on Friday to get the world's first up-close look at the tech giant's smart-watch. The Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook's first new major product, was available for pre-order online and...

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    Pixel Watch price, Pixel Watch breaking news, google to launch its first smartwatch in 2022, Fitbit

    Google to launch its First Smartwatch in 2022 2021-12-03 09:24:34

    The fans and users of Google have been eagerly waiting for a smartwatch from the tech giant and this is turning true in 2022. As per the current leaks, the first pictures of the Google smartwatch are being circulated across...

    Keywords: Pixel Watch latest updates, Rohan, Google, Google smartwatch

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    Apple, smartwatch, buying a smartwatch here are the things you must keep in mind, Fitbit

    Buying a smartwatch? Here are the things you must keep in mind 2020-09-11 15:14:58

    Smartwatches have become the new trend amid lockdowns to get involved in some sort of physical activity. Smartwatches are getting popular day by day with each brand coming up with its smartwatch with unique features. Amid the lockdown and the...

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    Trisha, swimming, trisha goes back to first love, Fitbit

    Trisha Goes Back To First Love 2015-10-16 10:43:00

    Now-a-days, actress Trisha is busy with ‘Nayaki’, her upcoming Tamil-Telugu horror-comedy film. However, she seemed to have taken off time for herself. It is known that the popular South Indian actress had broken up her engagement with Varun Manian, a...

    Keywords: swimming, Nayaki, swimming, first love

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    international father's day, father's day quote, father s day 2019 absolutely best gift ideas that will make your dad feel special and loved, Fitbit

    Father's Day 2019: Absolutely Best Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Dad Feel Special and Loved 2019-06-13 12:21:20

    Father's Day 2019 is around the corner and people have already started planning surprises for their dads. Father's Day is widely celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. This year Father's Day will be observed on June...

    Keywords: father's day 2019 uk, funny fathers day gifts, personalized father's day gifts, international father's day

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