Important Factors To Know Before Transitioning To A Vegan LifestyleHealthy Living

December 02, 2019 06:38
Important Factors To Know Before Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

The prospect of veganism has come a long way and people are finding it easier to transition, mainly because of the kind of resources available around. But, even with all that, there are certain shortcomings that many don’t look out for in the hindsight. It is very important that one does make an informed decision, especially if they are suffering from any kind of health condition.

If you are planning to transition to a vegan lifestyle, we would suggest you know of these factors before.

Vitamin B12 supplement is a must

If you aren’t aware, Vitamin B12 is a compound that is only present in the meats and the animal foods. Since veganism deals with a complete plant based diet, it is important that you have the Vitamin B12 handy, especially when it comes to the supplements or even the fortified foods with it. B12 is a necessity for the body, as it helps in regulation the nerve and the muscle function in the body. It also helps keep your blood cells healthy. Any kind of deficiency with this vitamin can end up causing repercussions on the body, inflicting negative impacts on the body.

Iron supplements are necessary too

The iron supplements are not a proper necessity but since iron comes in two forms, the heme variant, which makes up for 40% of the requirements comes from the animal products. The vegan diets only contain the non-heme variants which mean that it is tougher to absorb the iron into the body in comparison to the heme variant. This means that the people on a vegan diet need to consciously work around to eat more iron to compensate for the shortcomings.

Be ready for the questions

If you are making a conscious effort to transition to a vegan diet, be ready for the string of questions that are going to come flowing at you from the friends and family. It is not just about the overall process of transitioning but mainly unwarranted questions of why you are doing this. People in your social circle are going to poke fun, ask questions that make no sense or can even accuse of being not caring of your body and health by depriving yourself of the important nutrition that your body needs. If you don’t want to start a conflict, just clarify stating that you are going vegan for personal reasons.

Focus on the protein is a necessity

Since there are so many protein sources in the non-vegan diets, when you are transitioning to a vegan diet, it is necessary for you to find good alternatives for those protein requirements. Every meal needs to have some form of protein when you are on a vegan diet. More than anything, it is a requirement for the body and to keep you satiated along the day. When you are going vegan, it is common for you to miss out on the necessary protein sources but there are some that make up for the loss including natural soy, lentils and pulses, quinoa, seitan etc.

Junk is still bad

It is a myth that just because you are eating a plant based diet, it gives you a free way to stuff in more junk food into your diet. That is definitely not how everything works. If you are switching to a vegan diet for health and weight loss reasons, switching the meat for the unhealthy junk food like chips and packaged food is going to do no good for you. Instead of that, it is best suggested that you include healthy options instead for better health.

Soy isn’t the only food in veganism

Many people who are initially switching to a vegan diet tend to have the notion that soy is the only way to go. That is most definitely not how it works. Instead, it is important that you don’t go ham with the soy products because excess soy can enhance the risks of cardiovascular issues along with cancer. Experts say that consuming the vegan meat, which is mostly made out of soy, is worse than consuming good quality animal protein. The meat substitutes in the vegan diet are often highly processed, making them an unhealthy option for people’s consumption.

If you are making a transition into a vegan lifestyle, these factors are a must for you to keep in mind. Make informed decisions because above anything else, it is important that you do focus on your health.

By Somapika Dutta

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